Dead Matter Map Gameplay, Closed Alpha, Tips, and more.

Today we got a look at Dead Matter’s closed alpha map with some gameplay provided by MrAtomicDuck and the dev team. This stream showed the Dead Matter map design and other goodies. Thanks again to MrAtomicDuck and the devs for allowing the reposting of this content! I can’t want to play myself:)

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Thanks for watching!

0:00 Intro
0:39 FPS and Specs
1:00 Forest
1:27 Map Size
1:58 Interactable Sites
2:28 Interior Details
3:19 Noise (Fire Alarms)
3:53 Zombies
4:12 GoKart Track
4:57 Vending Machine
5:20 Arcade Room
5:30 Vehicle Pileups
5:52 Density & Canmore
6:50 Night Gameplay
7:44 Outro
7:51 Bonus Clips