Title: Dead Matter Closed Alpha – FORTIFY your claimed base!
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To first start fortifying, building, or setting traps in your base, you need to actually claim the building you are wanting as your own. To do this, simply search the house for the junction box and an option to claim the building will appear. However, depending on the building you want to claim, there are additional tasks, such as changing locks, covering windows, etc.
Once you claim the property you will get a notification in the upper right hand corner of the screen. To begin fortifying, you will need to forge for your materials. To do this, grab an ax and begin chopping at any large tree. Eventually it will topple over, turn into logs, and you can carry them to wherever you want and using a saw, can turn them into planks. To saw, simply walk up to them and hold F. Each log should give you 2 wooden planks and place them in your inventory.
To begin building, you bring up the radial menu and various different menus will appear. The first one showcased here is the gate. A blueprint, or placeholder image of the object you want to build will show and you can add ingredients to it. The next object Player 2 was placing down was a wall with a ramp. One of the things I saw is that it wasn’t snapping in place to the gate, but this is only because he was trying to place them backwards, so don’t worry, construction walls do snap together. Kyle did mention during this time that the radial menu will change, and that plenty of options will change as well. He said that it will hopefully be there in the next update. When that will be, who knows, probably not quick enough.